Solidea tights Rachel 70 Lace with graduated compression

Parastā cena: €34,86

Special Price €26,15

Solidea tights Rachel 70 Lace with graduated compression

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Brand: Solidea

Parastā cena: €34,86

Special Price €26,15

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Solidea Rachel 70 Lace tights with graduated compression.


The unique pattern enhances sensuality and charm for a rich and luxurious effect. Combines with a more sober look for an outfit of great class. The preventive action of 10/15 mmHg graduated compression fights heaviness and swelling in the legs and counteracts venous insufficiency without impacting the elegant appearance and incomparable aesthetics of the lace. With Sanitized® hygienic function.


  • 20% ELASTANE
  • 2% COTTON

Sizes 1-S, 2-M, 3-ML, 4-L 4XL-XL

How to determine the proper size

We recommend, to choose the most appropriate size, that you refer to the following table where the various sizes are defined according to a ratio between height in centimeters (HEIGHT CM) and weight kilograms (WEIGHT KG).

If, for example, we consider a person who is 163 cm tall and weighs 60 kilograms, then we calculate as follows:

  • we find the corresponding height on the column at the left of the table (HEIGHT CM). In this case 163 cm is a height between 160 and 165 cm
  • we look for the corresponding weight in kg on the top of the table (WEIGHT KG). In this case we consider the box that reaches up to 60 kg
  • the recommended size is found at the intersection between the column that corresponds to weight and the line that corresponds to height. In our example the size is 2 or M (medium).


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